Virtual reality, delivered

Integrated process

Layers of Reality links technology, content and user experience in one integrated process managed by audiovisual content production teams, hardware and software development teams and technical support.

All in one

Virtual reality projects usually need providers in many different areas to be produced and to reach their audience. This amount of different providers working in the same specific project generates low satisfaction results.

Gate VR

Layers of Reality has its own designed device GateVR to guarantee that the audiovisual and interactive contents will be experienced in the highest quality available in the market integrating themselves perfectly in any venue.


GateVR is a portal that transports the visitor through space and time.

The Gate is a structure to be seated, ergonomically designed and prepared to be connected to a big number of units as a network.

GateVR includes:
New generation VR headset Computer
Network management unit

GateVR experiences includes: Immersive movies
Interactive immersive experiences

La Sagrada Família 

One of the first experiences from Layers of Reality is a video which shows, in all-round 360º vision, how the Sagrada Familia is being constructed. This immersive experience allows the viewer to discover, with complete freedom of movement, what it is like working on the construction of this emblematic church 80 meters above the ground, giving them an operative’s-eye view of the process.

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